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Program recommendations


Grilled food & Beer Festival in Hajdúszoboszló At this event greeting with the arrival of nice weather the gourmands may taste grilled plates and dishes prepared on open fire, accompanied with tasteful beers and beer specialties that harmonise with the meals.

Whitsun Celebration The event offers an opportunity for folk dance loving children and young adults to meet in Hajdúszoboszló.

Szoboszló Folk Weekend Folk art and folk dance shall be in the focus during the last weekend of July. In the colourful commotion the masters of folk art await people in the street of craftsmen. In the evenings folk bands, soloists, dancers of national and international reputation will make the evening really memorable. All the three evenings the programs will end with a “dance house”, where everybody may join the dancers.

Szoboszló Dixieland Days in Hajdúszoboszló Hajdúszoboszló awaits the lovers of Dixie music in the first weekend of August each year since one and a half decade.

Mutton and ‘Slambuc’ Cooking Day in Hajdúszoboszló Those interested may join one of the largest gastronomic events of the region in September each year. This occasion cannot be compared to any other cooking contest. The good spirit will be ensured by the organisers and the participants. The day of the great meetings will be accompanied by a spectacular cultural program.

Hajdúszoboszló Bio Food and Wine Festival It is a unique gastronomic event of Hungary on the occasion of which while tasting the food specialties, delicacies prepared at the site from bio materials one may get acquainted with the wines of excellent Hungarian wineries. The three day event is complemented with folk music and folk dance shows, light and classical music concerts, and accompanying programs popularizing the bio life style. Health and wine – are united here!

Crane Feast-Regional The crane is the symbol of the Hortobágy National Park, and also one of the most precious natural heritage.The moving of the cranes is one of the most alluring natural happening on the Hortobágy. More than 10.000 cranes move every day to the lakes on the Hortobágy after spending the whole day on the fields, eating as much as they can. To be able to see this wonder, the Hortobágy Visitor Centre organizes a weekend long program series. Cultural programs, children programs, arts and crafts opportunities are available.

Goose Feast of Marton’day Goose Feast of Marton’day is being organized by the occassion of Martons day on the second week of November. Visitors may taste the latest wine offer of famous Hungarian wineries accompanied with gourmet bites of goose.