Bocskai István Museum

The local collection entitled 'History of Hajdúszoboszló from the beginning to the present day' can be viewed in the main building of the museum. The most precious piece of the collection is the Bocskai flag which, so the story goes, ruling prince of Transylvania István Bocskai presented to his Hajduks. The coat of arms on the flag is identical to that on the Hajduszoboszló charter. Indeed, it is the coat of arms of the town to this day. It is also interesting that the national guards from Hajdúszoboszló and Hajdúság marched under this flag in the 1848-49 Freedom Fight.

The memories of town governance are particularly beautiful pieces: the chair of the judge, the handcuffs, the 'town chest', fire alarm horn, and various seals. Flags of different societies and choral groups are also significant, as are objects from famous individuals who had some kind of connection with Hajdúszoboszló.

bocskai The agricultural history exhibition presenting equipment from the turn of the 19th-20th centuries is unique in the region. The exhibition is located in the courtyard of the museum in a 100 square metre barn, as is the unusual group of aluminium bells created using a special method by the artist couple Edit Oborzil and Tibor Jeney.


gorogkatolikustemplomGreek Catholic Church

Designed by István Lengyel, the building was erected in 1994 on the request of the city's small, Greek Catholic community, and it is dedicated to the 'Protection of the Mother of God'. Its modern architecture combines the characteristics of contemporary and baroque styles. The artistic icons were made by Aranka Latorcainé Újházi.


Reformed Church

reformatustemplom It is situated on Kalvin Square. It was built in Gothic style during the 15th century, remodeled in Baroque style at the beginning of the 18th. The interior includes Classicist motives as well. An outstanding art relic, the Seat of Moses, now located behind the pulpit, is ornamented with star- and flower motives. The church is open to visitors, individual scheduling can also be arranged.


szentlaszloRoman Catholic church of St. Ladislaus

The frescos of this Baroque church dedicated to St Ladislaus were created in the 1930's by noted Hungarian Catholic ecclesiastical artist, István Takács. The decoration of the triumphal arch brings the past of the city to life.

The theme of the ceiling paintings of the church nave are the good deeds of Elizabeth of the House of Árpád. Former days of Szoboszló are evoked by motifs referring to the Hortobágy. However, the artist also included the finding of the medicinal waters and the miraculous scene of the healing of a worker. The world of Hungarian saints and the spirit of the place are superbly combined by the reinterpretation of the legend of St Ladislaus, depicting the breaking through of the water.


Fazekas House

A dwelling of living folk art, the Fazekas House is the home and studio of the potter István Fazekas, master of Nádudvar-style black ceramics.

Following in the footsteps of his ancestors Nádudvar-born István Fazekas (whose name actually means potter) authentically preserves the traditions of pottery preparation.


Bell House

haranghaz A unique feature of the park in front of the thermal bath is the Bell House unveiled in 2000. It is a spectacular architectural composition by Zoltán Rácz, providing a befitting frame for the unusual aluminium alloy bells.

Among the 46 bells that are housed in the Bell House, visitors will also see the so-called World Bell, the bell intended for exhibit at the cancelled Hungarian World Exhibition. This special work of art is made complete by the carillon. This characteristic method of pouring bells was patented by the artist couple of Edit Oborzil and Tibor Jeney. The bell collection was gifted to the city by Hajdúszoboszló-born Edit Oborzil.

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